Rick Saxen Talks Credit Affecting Insurance Rates

Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

We also had Rick Saxen of American Best Insurance back with us on May 4th. His segment of the day dealt with how your credit impacts your insurance rates. Rick pointed out that insurance companies collect statistics and credit is one of the things they look at when they evaluate your application for insurance. Simply put, the better your credit score, the better your rate. An important thing to note however is there are certain elements of your credit history the insurance company can’t hold against you such as medical bills. Other factors that will affect your insurance rate are history of previous claims, your marital status and your age.

Rick also shared with us that when he’s not busy handling all our insurance needs, he LOVES his fitness workout and it makes him feel great and gets his day off to the best start. He also told us that his favorite food is his Mom’s Apple Crisp and that growing up it was a special treat on his birthday to get one all to his self that he didn’t have to share with his many siblings!!

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