Our Property Management Team Provides Exceptional Service

Las Vegas Property Management, Team Stuff.

When we opened our Property Management division a few years ago, we did it to fill a need our clients were expressing to us. Like any new project, it is a lot of work to get the right systems in place with the right people and it takes time to build it.

We are very proud of our property managers and staff and are lucky to have such wonderful people who are excellent at what they do handling this very important piece of our client’s business.

There is no greater reward than knowing our clients are happy with the service we provide and we want to take a moment to share an excerpt from this great testimonial we received for our property management division from a new client we brought on board.

“And I would like to thank Harvey, John, Christine and Karlee and everybody at Prudential Americana. You have helped me above and beyond. I look forward to being in business with you all.”           – Darren Grieve,  Northern Treeside Properties, LLC

Great job everyone!!