Kindness Is The Noblest Weapon To Conquer With

Personal Development.


“Kindness is the noblest weapon to conquer with.” – An American Proverb

Las Vegas is the epicenter of the foreclosure hurricane and it is affecting our friends, our family, and our neighbors.  We have a reputation of being less neighborly in Las Vegas than other areas because we fence our yards with block walls. This crisis as well as the upcoming holiday season bring to mind the need to reach out and be kind to others.  A small act of kindness can change the day for someone else and uplift you mentally and spiritually.  Stop and pick up the garbage blown in someone else’s yard.  Knock on the door and let them know their sprinkler system has a leak.  Pull a weed in your neighbor’s yard as you walk by.  Pick up the newspaper  and put it by the front door. Wave when you drive by.  Roll down the car window and say “hi” as you pass them in their yard.  People matter- show a little kindness.  It costs nothing and the reward is huge.