Fanfare of our Republic

Personal Development.


I just finished watching the final matches of the most celebrated bi-annual golf event, the Ryder Cup. This event pits the best of American golfers against their counterparts in Europe. It is strange that golf isn’t looked at as a team sport. However, there are exceptions in the amateur golf arena with college teams competing where individuals are less important than the overall effort of the team. Whether amateur or professional most people will agree that viewing golf on television is subdued, sometimes lifeless, with an occasional burst of crowd approval over a sensational shot. But on the professional side, the Ryder Cup and the President’s Cup are unique. It is interesting to watch golf in this format. There is not a moment that is not filled with the tension of the individual match. It plays into the overall point accumulation, leading to the eventual capture of the cherished Cup.

I found that though I did not watch all the matches, I wasn’t dissatisfied. What enthralled me most was what occurred after the last ball dropped on the last match. The crowd, and even more surprising the players, came alive with congratulatory praise for their team’s undertakings. In this single moment, these individuals, who throughout the year in competition have little to say to each other, became one in their joy, accomplishments and even disappointments. If I could listen to the stirring “Fanfare for the Common Man” and watch this exhilarating finale at the same time, I believe that I too would be jumping with joy and a common sense of unity and achievement.

I believe that I have learned another lesson of life. No matter how insular or reclusive we become, or how much we may believe that our individual actions have no importance, collective unity of principle and intent will overcome most obstacles. We are a Nation of individuals, but collectively, we are a country with purpose and great resolve. Join in the Fanfare of our Republic; make your vote count in November.