Single Step

Personal Development.


What an effort it was today to complete my four-mile walk. I don’t just walk, but I keep the pace that would excite a drill sergeant in boot camp. However, what made today different was that I started on my excursion later in the day, the heat was already climbing, and I had not been feeling too well for the past two days. Not a good combination to successfully achieve your exercise goal; in some parlays, a goal that was designed not to be achieved. You are probably wondering what importance or interest does my exercise routine have for you, in itself not much. However the process you may find worthy of note.

I am one of those exercise buffs that enjoys the whole process. I always don my headsets and stream a well-designed arrangement of music that complements the sometimes-monotonous pace of an extended walk. The setting has to be right. Today was no different; I created the best environment possible under the circumstances, to achieve my goal….. However it wasn’t working well today. Each step was arduous, I was loosing focus with the same stomach issues that have been persistent recently and the temperature was starting to get my attention. When I looked up in the direction of the end of the walk a swell of anxiety hit me, that maybe I had made a mistake today in setting out, and that possibly I may have to get some help to get home.

Years ago I learned a technique in athletic training that I have applied in my business and personal life on numerous occasions. I call it the One Step First Approach. Today I had to remind myself that this was just the day to implement this method. It is simple, when a task is difficult, like my walk today; I began to focus on each step that I was taking and not on the end of the walk. I would not look up and tried to meld the music with the step. It worked again; I was home in record time and the feeling of sickness and tiredness dissipated with each step.

Would you believe that I have applied this method to my real estate business? The frustration of completing transactions in today’s distressed market would be overwhelming if you did not focus on efficiently completing each step at a time, supporting a successful transaction and a providing a satisfied client.