A Message For The Season

Personal Development.


My special Summer People may be in the doldrums by now with the shorter days and the clock changes. Maybe you are one of those that are severely affected and cannot overcome the mental anguish brought on by the change. Your daily lament about the lost daylight, cooler days and lack of spending time with your favorite outdoor activity (special note to my golfers). However, this time of year, some of you come alive and are aptly called my Winter People. You look forward to this inevitable seasonal change; it signals to you the beginning of the Holiday celebrations and the ensuing joy and spirit that follows with sharing the spirit with like-minded friends and family.

Move over Summer People. This month we celebrate the antitheses of all that you relish. It is time for you to relinquish the long spotlight of warm weather celebrations and activities. Let your brethren delight in what makes them your opposites. It is their time to bundle in the warmth of their favorite sweater or jacket that they have looked forward to donning all summer long. Let them long enjoy the lingering sights and smells of the first lighted log in the fireplace. Celebrate with them the Sounds of the Season that begin streaming on our radios earlier each year, even before Thanksgiving.

Whatever your penchant for the seasons of the year, we can all be reflective and thankful for the varied gifts and blessings received this year and look forward to capturing those moments of joy and celebration that are soon arriving.

Happy Thanksgiving!