Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

HB, SB & Daniel - Good HB, SB & Rick - GoodHb, Sb & Bill - Good

On this weeks radio show, we will have some seasoned expert contributors along w/ another newbie!

This weeks expert contributors are Daniel Chung w/ Mass Mutual, Rick Saxen w/ American Best Agency & Bill Nelson w/ Piercy, Bowler, Taylor & Kern!

Daniel will discuss business planning and what the best ways are to pass your business down from generation to generation and what the success rates are along w/ business loans and how banks cam call them due!

Rick will talk about credit and how it does impact your insurance, deductible payments & what is best for you & also umbrella policies!

Bill will educate us on ways to protect your business from fraud since unfortunately, it is so common!

Harvey & Shelley will not disappoint w/ their stats & fun facts either!

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