Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

Harvey, Sandra & Tracy-Good

We cannot say enough about this week’s upcoming show and how informational it was!

On this week’s show, our expert contributors were; Joey Toth w/ Pitbull Pest Control, Tracy Ruccia w/ Equity Title & Sandra Jauregui w/ Home Again, Nevada Homeowner Relief Progam!

Joey talked about bee swarms and how there are many types, not all you have to be concerned about. Some bees are pollinators and should be left alone, but other bees such as African bees should be handled by a professional. Harvey even had Joey at his home to help him w/ such an issue. Joey also talked about the differences between residential & commercial inspections and how they handle both types!

Tracy changed it up a little this week by asking Harvey true or false questions on which she is often asked! It was a great shake-up as she asked if someone possesses a deed to a property, does that mean they can prove ownership? She also asked; if a new buyer purchases a home and a pool was built just before the buyer bought the home and a lien is placed on the home from that contractor, is the new homeowner responsible for the lien? Be sure to tune in to hear the answers to these questions!

Sandra was so great to have on the show as we have not had an expert like her on the show yet. Sandra works for Home Again, the Nevada Homeowner Relief Program who works with the attorney general and she talked about the many programs that Nevada offers for first time home buyers, buyers who may need assistance, credit repair and so much more! We look forward to having her back along w/ our other expert contributors!

Harvey’s co-host Shelley was feeling under the weather this week so did not make the show, but Harvey held down the fort w/ his weekly stats! Harvey talked about employment rates and how we fall right behind North Dakota that leads w/ the highest employment rates, and we are currently second. Florida is currently third which shows proof of improvement since Nevada & Florida were 2 of the hardest hit states.

Harvey also talked about the number of new businesses that have come to valley. Over the last few years, there was actually a negative number of businesses coming to Vegas, but in the most recent years, we have come staggering back w/ 1540 new businesses coming to the valley in 2013! We are anxious & excited to see how we do in 2014! All is great news for our city!

We definitely missed Shelley and her fun facts but look forward to having her back next week!

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