Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

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If someone says that radio shows can’t be fun, then they haven’t listened to Harvey’s & Shelley’s show!

This weeks show did not disappoint as our expert contributors were on fire with information!

First we had on Rick Saxen w/ American Best Agency and he as always is such a hoot! Rick talked about homeowners insurance and how you do need different coverage if you are renting out a home. Also about umbrella policies and how they can be beneficial to you!

Next we had on the beautiful Kari Phillips w/ Southern Fidelity Mortgage! Kari always brings such great information to the table and this week she brought a very special guest: Vance Randall who is an appraiser she has worked with for years! Most appraisers would be scared to come talk about their profession but he handled himself very well as Harvey & Shelley hit him with their questions!

Last but not least, we had Darren Welsh join us, who is the in-house corporate attorney for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices! Darren was full of knowledge & surprises! Darren talked about when selling a home, you always want to over disclose information to a buyer, rather than to leave anything out as that might come back to haunt you 3 fold, after your sale. Disclose, disclose, disclose!

Harvey shared some great information w/ his weekly stat as he talked about a few of the master plan communities here in the valley and where they are ranked in the country and how more master plans will be coming to the valley in the upcoming years! This is a great sign for our home town!

Shelley’s fun facts were quite interesting as she questioned Darren about his past and how he has dressed up as a woman to raise money for the board of Realtors, and also shared that he is a short film maker!

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