Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

HB, Mark, Tracy & SB Shelley, Mark & Harvey 2

It is going to be a warm weekend out there! Stay indoors on Sunday and listen to Harvey & Shelley’s radio show to stay cool!

This week was very special as we had the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway join us, Mr. Mark Stark himself and he was such a pleasure to have on the show! He shared his insights on the recent conversion from Prudential Americana to Berkshire Hathaway Home Services and how this name will bring so much success to us as agents, and especially to our clients!

We also had one of our other very special expert contributors join us, Tracy Ruccia w/ Equity Title! Tracy gave us some great information on how Equity Title can pull market profiles for your home to see all of the recent activity and also shared how long Equity Title has been in business w/ our company, over 14 years now!

Harvey shared some interesting information on how the price per square foot has changed throughout the recent years and Shelley threw Mark for a bone with her fun facts! Talk about being a stud!

Be sure to tune in this Sunday and every Sunday at 4:00pm to listen to the show and please be sure to check out our new radio show website: lvrealestateradio.com/