The Season Begins

Las Vegas Home Sales.


April is a month of change for many reasons. Most obvious is the annual weather adjustment from the bitterness of the cold and absence of color to the gentle nighttime temperatures, which bring the overnight explosion of the flowering fruit trees. For those of us that are homeowners, it is now that we prepare our checklists for those minor repairs that have been put on hold during the winter months. For most individuals and families, April brings the hope that their year long tax planning will generate a surprise refund which may have been impulsively earmarked for a vacation, credit card payment, or for some, the down payment for a home purchase.

Traditionally, April starts the season of preparation for the school aged families and retirees contemplating a household move to our City. It is now serious time for those who have been vacillating between their desires to achieve home ownership and the financial capacities to match those wishes. For existing homeowners, April marks the perfect time to “spruce-up” your property with a little yard cleanup, paint or even a landscaping makeover. This truly is the time to maximize the exposure of your property. I have many simple, low cost ideas of how to add value to your property, or if you are ready, to prepare it for sale.