The Little Things Make the Difference

Personal Development.


It seems like yesterday that I started this series of newsletters for my favorite clients and friends. Looking back however this is my 63rd edition. In the beginning, I would never have thought that I would have this much to write about or ever dreamt that it would be interesting to those who received it monthly. I have been quite surprised on both counts!

On the first count, the real estate market in the past few years has fueled significant interest that has been a ready source for topics. I also have been fortunate to be the beneficiary of interesting and meaningful life experiences in and out of my work that provide the fuel for my creative juices. I enjoy sharing these experiences.

On the second count, this past month, my efforts to provide an appealing and timely newsletter were reaffirmed once again. I was pleasantly surprised when a new client who had been receiving the monthly publication for several years expressed that they look forward each month for its arrival. I asked them what they find interesting, and surprisingly, it was not the most current properties or comparables on the market in their neighborhood, but the narrative that drew their attention. Of course I thanked them for their sincere and unsolicited thoughts. Later, I thought to myself how special their words were to me. It actually brightened the rest of my day and affirmed that my efforts were not in vain.

The lesson of that day was very simple and clear to me; we can make a difference in someone’s life with little effort. A spoken word of a sincere thought that tells them that they are appreciated for what they do goes a long way. I now try to carry that thought daily to all those who provide a service to me. It could be food server, store clerk or maintenance worker; anyone who provides a service that deserves our appreciation, they will also relish an expression of our satisfaction. You might even include those closest to you. I am sure that family and friends are no exception.