The American Spirit

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I think I am still on high since last month’s celebration of our Country’s independence. This may seem a little juvenile to many, but since childhood I have looked forward to this day. It may be the anticipation and exhilaration of the fireworks spectacles that first caught my interest. I can remember vividly our empty lot adjacent to our house was prepared each year and used as the platform for the entire neighborhood’s 4th displays. What excitement! I was proud that our family’s celebration was the focus of our friends. In my early years I did not really understand what the excitement was all about and what really brought those families together. My attention was to the sounds and colors of that special night. It was only later that this special day took on new meaning.

This day and month of commemoration honors so much. Our freedoms that we take for granted throughout the rest of the year are remembered and placed on a pedestal. We wear these gifts of this great country like medals on the chest of the military uniform, proudly displaying to all who will listen that we are proud to be Americans. It is our time to remember, re-enforce and celebrate these freedoms and we do with gusto.

This spirit is still alive and well today; maybe a little tarnished and browned on the edges with the recurrent affronts that have become too common place. However, we still “hold these truths” and enjoy one of the greatest liberties a free nation can tolerate, our ability to decide through our vote who will lead us and be our protectors of the ideals that were founded 234 years ago. Be proud and celebrate that we have been blessed with this most important liberty; make your vote count in November.