Save “Time” With These Quick Home Improvement Tips

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Daylight Saving’s Time is upon us once again! On November 6th, we will turn back our clocks an hour and gain an hour of sleep time. If you’d rather be productive instead of snuggling down for that extra hour, here are a couple quick home improvement ideas!

Spruce Up Your Curtains

Curtains and other window treatments are a surefire way to instantly improve your home’s interior. As long as you have the right hardware installed (such as curtain/tension rods and hooks), you can easily spruce up each room in an hour.

Installing Curtains - Home Improvement Tips

Trim Your Trees

Overhanging branches can be a pain. They can scrape against the side of your home and present a danger in case of severe weather. Instead of waiting until spring, prevent a potential disaster now by grabbing some loppers and getting to work. You’d be surprised what a fresh haircut to your trees can do to the look of your home!

Tree Trimming - Home Improvement Tips

Plant New Additions

Most people update their plants and flowers at the beginning of spring, but you can also do it in the fall! Find some seasonal plants for fall and/or winter (such as cyclamen or Iceland poppies) to add a little color until spring.

Plant New Additions - Home Improvement Tips

Update Your Mulch

Do you have mulch anywhere in your yard? Perhaps its looking a little weathered from the summer. If it is, get yourself a bag of mulch and apply a fresh new layer over the old stuff. You’ll be sure to notice a difference!

New Mulch - Home Improvement Tips

Power Wash Those Paths

We recommended to you earlier this year that a great way to freshen your patio was to power wash it. The same thing applies now. Maybe your paths and driveways took a hit over the summer. If so, perhaps it’s time to rent a power washer and get that dirt and grime up before the winter comes.

Driveway Power Wash - Home Improvement Tips

Paint The Front Door

In some areas, people tend to paint their front doors seasonally. Maybe they paint it red for the winter holidays, white during the summer, and so on. In some cases, however, homeowner’s associations don’t allow for front doors to change colors. Instead, you could always match the paint currently on the door and add a fresh coat to the door.

Front Door Painting - Home Improvement Tips

Install New Hardware

Installing new hardware inside your house is a great way to give the inside a new look. Earlier in the year, we made this recommendation for your kitchen to give it a higher-end look. It doesn’t just stop there, though. Could your bathroom use a new sink faucet? Maybe you’ve been meaning to upgrade your closet doors. Use the extra hour Daylight Saving’s Time gives you to install that new hardware and freshen up the inside of your home!

Install New Hardware - Home Improvement Tips


What do you like to do with that extra hour we get? Are your productive, or do you take advantage of the extra sleep time. Let us know! WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Leave us a comment!

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