RERNLV Is ALL-NEW! Put Your Listening Ears On!

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Kari Phillips and Stephen Mann join RERNLV at 11 AM!

Harvey and his contributors are bringing an ALL-NEW RERNLV to you in TWO HOURS! He welcomes Kari Phillips from RateWise Mortgage and Stephen Mann of Clean World Pools to the show today.

Kari is up to bat first today. She’s using her appearance as a chance to talk about VA loans, and she’s covering non-allowables and benefits. What can a buyer pay and what can’t they? Is a VA loan a one-time thing, or can you reuse it multiple times? Get the low-down from Kari here!

Next, Stephen Mann takes over the mic. The weather is getting warmer, meaning more and more people will be using their pools. That means having to maintain them through the blistering summer months. Stephen reveals pool maintenance really entails. It’s not just¬†throwing in chlorine and skimming the leaves. Find out what all is involved from him right here!

Harvey’s Monthly Market Update is in store for you folks today,¬†along with his Headlines vs. Reality. He reveals what pricing is like right now, and where our market stands. There may even be a housing shortage! Harvey has all the information and more for you coming up!

As always, please be sure to tune in each and EVERY Saturday at 11 AM to RERNLV on AM720 KDWN.