RERNLV Is Coming To Radios Near You NEW in TWO HOURS!

Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show, RERNLV.

Equity Title of Nevada's Tracy Ruccia is welcomed back to RERNLV     Steve Schauer is on RERNLV

An all new RERNLV is coming to radios near you in TWO HOURS! First, Tracy Ruccia from Equity Title of Nevada joins Harvey and Shelley. She chats with our hosts about title insurance. Why is it important? How much does it cost and can it be extended? Tracy answers this questions and more right here! Then, our hosts welcome back Steve Schauer from New American Funding. Qualifying for a mortgage means lenders take a peek at your debt-to-income ratio. Should you pay off certain debts? What is the minimum down payment you can put down for a home? Tune in to RERNLV and find out that information from Steve! You’re also not going to want to miss Harvey’s Headlines vs. Reality or Shelley’s Fun Facts. Catch us at 11 AM on AM720 KDWN!


  • Perks of title insurance
  • Title insurance costs, length
  • Debt repayment
  • Qualifying for a mortgage
  • Minimum down payments on homes
  • Headlines vs. Reality
  • Fun Facts

As always, please be sure to tune in each and EVERY Saturday at 11 AM to RERNLV on AM720 KDWN.