RERNLV Is Bringing You An ALL NEW Show in TWO HOURS!

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RERNLV is ALL NEW with Piercy Bowler Taylor & Kern CPA Bill Nelson and Freedom Mortgage's John Ingram

Harvey is bringing you a brand new edition of RERNLV at 11 AM on AM720 KDWN! This week, he’s joined by CPA Bill Nelson from Piercy Bowler Taylor & Kern as well as Freedom Mortgage’s John Ingram. Bill is talking about how to make your accountant happy during his appearance this week. How do you keep a smile on your accountant’s face while they take care of your finances? Find out from Bill right here! He also chats about the 2016 tax planning you can do in 2017. Wait, what? It’s real, and he’s covering it right here! Then, John Ingram has some news about the Sapphire down payment assistance program. It has effectively been suspended, but why? Also, he’s got his own take on appraisals here in our valley. Harvey has his Realty Realities in store for you folks today as well. You’ll want to check out this brand new show for sure!

As always, please be sure to tune in each and EVERY Saturday at 11 AM to RERNLV on AM720 KDWN.