There is a reason why a seller has an agent!

Las Vegas Home Sales.

After a contract is negotiated and an agreement is reached on price and terms, the fun starts in a transaction with the buyer’s inspections.  If the property has a well and septic system, the inspections are generally expensive and a bit more complicated.  Recently, a buyer had agreed to pay for the septic inspection for a Las Vegas house built in the 1980’s.  The septic tank was located with the map from the health department. When the inspection company arrived, it was discovered that the septic tank lid was 4 feet below the surface and it would require an additional $325 to uncover it with a backhoe.  The company knocked on the front door and told the sellers they had to pay, and of course, the sellers called me in a panic!!! First of all, inspections should always be scheduled through the listing agent.  A conscientious listing agent will attend the inspection and will be there to handle issues like this immediately. Since I was not told by the other agent, I was not present.  It would have been easier to handle this issue by going through the proper channels.  Buyers and sellers have agents just for reasons like this…..