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HB, SB & Ron 2HB, SB & Paul

We welcome the month of September & Shelley back as we kick off this weeks show!

On this weeks show we will welcome back Ron Quintero, the CEO of the Real Estate Radio Network (RERN)! He was a guest on our very first show and it is such a pleasure to have his expertise and knowledge back on the mic! Ron will discuss real estate! Good ol’ fashioned real estate and the reason why we are all here! Find out what’s going on in the current market & what may follow!

Our second guest is a first time expert contributor on the show, but you would have thought that he has been doing this for years! What Paul Donohue actually has been doing for years, is home inspections! Paul is our go to home inspector and is the owner of Caveat Emptor! Paul will seize the day w/ his facts about home inspections!

Harvey is back with his stats and will tell you the timely truths about the bank owned homes in the valley! Are the banks really sitting on thousands of homes and they are all going to be released at once? How many homes are being foreclosed on? Harvey knows!

Shelley is back from her fantastic vacation and has an accent from the south for her fun facts! Shelley will talk about her trip to Charleston, SC and how she learned more information about haints, why they have 3 story homes built on the peninsula and also asks the question; what is rainbow row?  Be sure to tune in to hear these colorful facts and to hear about the food, oh yes, the food!

Please be sure to tune in this Sunday & every Sunday at 4:00pm to hear all of our shows.