Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

Bill, Harvey, Shelley   Paul Donohue   Paul, Harvey, and Shelley

Are you curious about how to go about choosing your home inspector? Have you ever wondered just what all tax deductions you can claim when buying your first home? Are the intricacies of property management rattling your brain? If so, this is a show for you!

Harvey and Shelley welcome three expert guest contributors to the show this week. First up, Paul Donohue of Caveat Emptor joins them to discuss how to go about choosing your home inspection. You don’t want to miss this!

Piercy Bowler Taylor & Kern’s Bill Nelson also appears on the radio show this week. Buying a home is a big investment, and Bill joins Harvey and Shelley to talk about how it could be a nice investment in terms of taxes. Find out how by tuning in this week!

For 41 years, Berkshire Hathaway’s David Boyer has been in real estate. He knows the ins and the outs so well, he’s even president of the Nevada State Commission! Tune in this week to find out what he has to say regarding property management and the legalities surrounding those that practice it!

Finally, Harvey and Shelley wrap up this week’s show with Headlines vs. Reality and Fun Facts. Do you know how to save yourself from bad luck if you have to walk under a ladder? Harvey and Shelley also continue their discussions on what Mayor Carolyn Goodman had to say. Listen in to stay in the loop!

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