Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

Harvey Blankfeld with Daniel ChungDaniel ChungAre you wondering just what to do with the pesky critters buzzing around your home? Are you starting to think about retirement and investing in your future? If so, this is a show you need to hear!

This week’s radio show will feature Joey Toth with Pitbull Pest Control and Daniel Chung with Mass Mutual. Harvey once more flies solo this week, but he and Daniel discuss the housing market and comparing your home’s value to those of your neighbors.

With summer in full swing, bees are buzzing around everywhere. Joey discusses what you should do if you find a colony and how you can keep yourself and those around you safe in this week’s segment. Be sure to tune in to hear what Joey has to say!

When people think retirement, usually their minds go to the thoughts of a 401(k). Daniel joins us to explain the ways a 401(k) works as well as other retirement investment options. Be sure to tune in to listen up!

Though solo again this week, Harvey provides listeners with his weekly stat and two fun facts this week. Curious about the difference in a homeowner’s net worth compared to a renter’s? Wondering how homeowners view their home now compared to 2009? You’ll want to tune in and find out!

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