Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

Harvey, Shelley, and Gregg Lawson (2)   Gregg Lawson   Harvey, Shelley, and Joey Toth (2)

Would you like to know how the solar energy business is doing in Las Vegas and how it works? Are you inquisitive about bed bugs and how to check for them in your home or in your hotel rooms? If so, listen in to our radio show this Sunday, September 21st at 4:00pm on AM720, KDWN.

Gregg Lawson from Jersey Solar Las Vegas joins Harvey and Shelley this week, as does Pitbull Pest Control’s Joey Toth. Harvey has some more Facts vs. Reality for our listeners, and Shelley provides some interesting fun facts about our lovely city.

For several years, there have been plenty of talks about alternate forms of energy. Here in Las Vegas, one of those alternate forms of energy is solar energy. Find out what Gregg Lawson has to say about the solar energy industry by tuning in to the radio show this Sunday!

When lodging in another city, bed bugs become a worry in travelers’ minds. Joey Toth joins us this week to talk about how to check hotel rooms for bed bugs, and how you can prevent bringing them home with you. Listen in to find out what he has to say!

Harvey’s Facts vs. Reality this week has another round of predictions, this time for mortgage companies. And what would our radio show be without Shelley’s fun facts? She continues her Las Vegas fun facts this week. If you’re curious about which way the mortgage rates are predicted to go and what the first hotel was in Las Vegas, this is the show for you!

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