Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

HB, SB & Daniel - Good HB, SB & Joey - Good

Are you a fan of saving money and keeping crusty critters away?! Then this is a show you need to listen to!

This weeks radio show will feature Daniel Chung w/ Mass Mutual & Joey Toth w/ Pitbull Pest Control! Harvey & Shelley will also add more of their timely truth’s to their 5 part listing segment!

Daniel asks the question; when should you start planning for retirement and your financial stability? Is 25 too early? Where should I invest for my future? Be sure to tune in to find out!

Joey might make your skin crawl as he talks about scorpions in the valley and how they might get into your home! How can you spot them? Grab your black light and tune in to hear this!

Harvey’s weekly stat is on a positive note as he discusses where Nevada ranks in foreclosures and also where we rank in small businesses! You might be surprised to hear what he has to say!

Shelley is very cultured and likes to bring her “zen” sational facts to the show and this week she will ask, what is feng shui? Is your home compatible? You may want to know what brings in good fortune and what stops it!

Please be sure to tune in this Sunday & every Sunday at 4:00pm to hear all of our shows and don’t forget to sign up as fan on our new site: