Old Fashioned Real Estate Sales

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I am between visitors at an open house. I am reminded that Real Estate is still a service industry.  As Realtors we must remember that just because it’s a short sale or an REO doesn’t mean we should give any less service.  I attended a Town Hall meeting recently and people are very concerned about selling their homes in this market.  They have been besieged with all kinds of commentary from attorneys and politicians about the variables to consider when dealing with a home that is “upside down”.  While my team and I have taken extra care to be certain we are well educated in the variables we have remained focused on the importance of providing our clients the same level of service we have always provided.

I am at this open house because my client needs to sell this home.  I don’t know that this open house is the answer. However, I am prepared to do everything I can to sell this home.  Too many agents believe that once you get the listing you need to hope you will get a buyer.  We believe that each home sells for a different reason.  Sometimes it’s the sign or the flyers in the sign. Sometimes it’s MLS. At times, it’s an open house, or the extensive internet presence we provide for each of our listings.

I know that there are many Realtors that do things the right way and some that don’t. However, I can tell you that success depends on our ability to adapt and be consistent with our marketing.  We must never lose sight of our goal to sell our clients home for as much money as possible and as quickly as possible.  That goal is most often attained by the Old Fashioned method of marketing the home in all ways and keeping the lines of communication open with your client.