LV Real Estate Radio Is Fast Approaching With An ALL-NEW SHOW!

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LV Real Estate Radio has Tracy Ruccia and Darren Welsh this week

LV Real Estate Radio is fast approaching with an ALL-NEW show at 11 AM! Join Harvey as he welcomes expert contributors Tracy Ruccia with Equity Title of Nevada and Darren Welsh from Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Nevada Properties.

Tracy is up first. During her appearance, she describes property profiles and preliminary title reports. Both give you information on the home, but there of course differences between the two. A property profile is free and doesn’t have to go with a transaction. However, it only provides basic information about the property. A preliminary title report, however, lets you know if the taxes have been paid, how many mortgages there are, and other items. There is one other form as well, a lien summary report. Ready to find out more? Then tune in to Tracy on LV Real Estate Radio at 11 AM!

Next, Darren Welsh takes the mic. He’s covering a very important topic: homeowner’s insurance. Why do you need to have homeowner’s insurance? If you have no mortgage, what does that mean for your insurance? How does homeowner’s insurance differ from renter’s insurance? How does it differ from a home warranty? Darren is bringing all that information to you and more right here!

Then, it’s that time once again! Harvey’s got his Monthly Market Update coming at you today! Guess what? He’s got some very interesting statistics for you. Only 5% of our market is comprised of distressed homes. 5%! How crazy is that? Ready for more crazy facts, as well as his Headlines vs. Reality and Realty Realities? Then be sure to check out this show!

As always, please be sure to tune in each and EVERY Saturday at 11 AM to LV Real Estate Radio on AM720 KDWN.