LV Real Estate Radio Has New Knockout Show Coming at 11 AM!

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Harvey and his contributors are bringing you a new knockout LV Real Estate Radio show TODAY at 11 AM on AM720 KDWN! In the blue corner, we have Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices general counsel Darren Welsh. In the red corner, we’re joined by Alexandria Pritchard and Devon Zubka, both from the Las Vegas Young Artists Orchestra.

Alexandria and Devon are up first. They’re talking about their personal experiences with the orchestra and how long they’ve been involved. Then, they’re dishing all the information on an upcoming concert this Sunday, August 27th (tickets available here). What else do they have in store for the 2017-2018 orchestra season? Make sure you tune in at 11 AM to find out!

Next, Darren takes a jab at it. He talks about e-service real estate. With advancements in technology, transactions are getting more and more digital by the day. Is this necessarily a bad thing, though? Get the details from Darren here! Then, he’s talking about the current market situation. Are we truly in a seller’s market? How can you tell? He’s also covering C.L.U.E. Home Seller Disclosure Reports. Who pulls it, and what is the purpose? Darren’s dishing on these items and more here!

Harvey’s also got his Realty Realities in store for you folks today. Home prices are on the rise, and so are the number of people living in condos. Why? Are younger people choosing to rent instead of buying a home to own? What could be the reasoning there? All this information and more is coming at you on AM720 KDWN at 11 AM, so check it out!

As always, please be sure to tune in each and EVERY Saturday at 11 AM to LV Real Estate Radio on AM720 KDWN.