Joey Toth talks Scorpions

Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

Joey Toth with Pitbull Pest Control dropped by for another informative segment for our listeners about dealing with creepy critters in Las Vegas. During his August 3rd appearance, Joey focused on scorpions, how they get here, how to find them and ways to deal with them.

Joey explained while scorpions are not native to Nevada, they come over in palm trees mostly from neighboring states such as Arizona and Southern California. He also let our listeners know that you don’t need to worry too much about scorpion stings because generally here in the United States with modern medicine in an urban setting, people do not die from the scorpions.

The best way to handle scorpions in your home is through exclusion. Joey and his team come in with black lights at night and “hunt” for scorpions to find where they are nesting and coming from and then setting up a treatment plan to exclude them from coming on to your property. Common ways they come in are through cracks in doorways and unsealed barriors into the house.

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