Joey Toth talks Residential and Commercial Pest Control Service

Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

Joey Toth of Pitbull Pest Control returned for another segment during our May 4th radio show broadcast. His topic of the day was residential and commercial pest control service. Joey’s company partners with Copesan which is a national pest control provider that has a network of over 90 partners nationwide that do service for national accounts such as large coffee houses or large home repair stores. Pitbull Pest Control is the Copesan network provider for both Clark and Nye county. Joey also does a lot of local commercial accounts in addition to the residential services he provides.

Joey touched on the idea of integrated pest management and the balance between taking care of the pests without harming the products and environments around them particularly in the food and beverage industry where it is crucial to protect the food sources for the consumers. He stressed that pest control service is not always a blanket application of chemicals and that “spraying” is not always the best course of action to take. At Pitbull Pest Control, the most important tool a technician carries is a flash light because Joey believes that inspecting the premises and determining the how and why of the pest issue is most important in developing the right plan to correct the problem.

Joey is so dedicated to his field and providing the best service to his customers that he requires all his techs to take extensive continuing education in excess of the state requirements to ensure they are always at the top of their field. With Pitbull Pest Control, you know you are getting quality service by true professionals and we are so happy to have Joey join us an expert contributor on our radio show.

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