Joey Toth Buzzes About Bees

Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

Joey Toth with Pitbull Pest Control buzzed by for yet another informative segment for our listeners about the various critters we have here in Las Vegas. For his August 17th appearance, Joey kept his main focus on bees, the difference between Africanized and European honeybees, and how to deal with them.

Bees are a crucial part in our ecosystem, just as is every creature. Sometimes, horror stories are heard of a swarm of angry killer bees killing an animal or even a human, in some cases. Joey reveals that there isn’t anything physically different about the Africanized bees than the European honeybees. The only difference, Joey says, is that Africanized bees are more aggressive.

However, Joey also says that when dealing with bees and their colonies, it’s important not to anger them. If you go outside and see bees flying all over the place from a hole in your house, “don’t go ripping it apart” as it’ll only anger them!

When you have a colony inside of your wall, the honeycomb needs to be removed as soon as possible, or other pests will start to invade your home. A couple of those pests Joey mentioned were roaches and crickets as they love eating the sweetness of the honeycomb.

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