Harvey and Shelley Talk Listing Your Home – Part 2 – Staging

Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

Harvey and Shelley continued with the next installment of their 5 part series on “Listing Your Home” during our July 27th broadcast. Today’s installment focused on Preparing Your Home where Shelley and Harvey outlined some simple and inexpensive things you can do to enhance your property and get it show ready.

The first thing they recommend to get your home prepared for showings is light bulbs. Make sure you don’t have any burnt out light bulbs anywhere in the house. Shelley posed the question … “If that’s not taken care of, what else isn’t taken care of that I can’t see?” You don’t want to send that unconscious message to a prospective buyer. Light bulbs are simple and go a long way in enhancing the showability of your home.

Another thing to concentrate on when preparing your home for showings is curb appeal. Shelley was on point again when she asked Harvey, “Have you ever had a buyer not get out of the car when you pulled up?” Harvey and Shelley agree this happens more than you might think and even if the inside is gorgeous, that buyer may never go inside because of the overgrown shrubs or weeds that need to be pulled.

The house also needs to present in a clean fashion as well. This is similar to the light bulbs mentality where in if the house is not clean, it gives the buyer the impression the home has not been cared for. Shelley’s big NO-NO … DIRTY DISHES in the kitchen sink or all over the counters. Do your best to de-clutter as much as possible too. Shelley suggests that if you have small closets, pack up half the stuff and store it. Boxes in the garage are OK – they show the buyer you a serious seller and preparing to move. Shelley emphasized that when your home is on the market, it must be show ready at all times. Harvey added that they understand how stressful it can especially when it happens time and time again and its very challenging especially for a family with children to have the home picked up and neat at a moment’s notice but if you want to get top dollar, your home has to show in the best fashion possible.

Depersonalization is one more element to consider while staging your home for sale. If there’s a lot of pictures and personal effects around the home, it’s hard for a buyer to visualize themselves with their stuff in the property. Continually, the pictures and knick knacks can be distracting to the buyer as they look at where you’ve been and what you’ve done instead of looking at the home.

Getting your home ready for sale and showings shouldn’t be time consuming or cost an arm and leg. For example, Harvey suggests painting only if the walls are showing in a dirty fashion or there are holes that need to be patched because odds are the buyer will come in and repaint to their taste anyway.

Harvey and Shelley also discussed the idea of staging your home. Shelley talked about her daughter’s home that recently sold in Oregon. The home was built in the 1900’s and the century old real hardwood floors showed every flaw possible when there was nothing in there. The agent in Oregon suggested a staging company and Shelley says it was money well spent. ¬†They staged the home with rugs and furniture and the property showed beautifully. Shelley thinks staging is making its way to the Las Vegas market and both she and Harvey are happy to offer suggestions on staging your home for sale when they come out to your property.

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