Get Your Patio Primed for Grilling Season

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With the arrival of Memorial Day comes the grilling season, and that could mean a lot of get-togethers on your patio. Does it need a little touching up, maybe some TLC from the winter? It’s not too late! Check out these great tips for priming your patio for the upcoming cookout season!

  • Wash the patio. Grime and tough stains can get trapped easily, and the best way to remove them is with a pressure washer. For a stone or concrete patio, which are widely used here in Las Vegas , you can use a hose with an attachment. Dawn dish-washing liquid mixed with water as well as a wire brush can help to brighten the stones and concrete. If you have a wood patio, it is advised to keep the pressure below 1,000 psi on wood surfaces to avoid any damage.stone patio cleaning
  • Get ready to repair. Cement or brick patios can get cracks. Those cracks can typically be fixed with a patching compound. Perhaps some of the paved stones are sinking. You may need to add more materials underneath and lay the stones again. Have a wood patio with some splintering spots? Sand those spots down, and make sure you hammer any nails that have started to stick up. When was the last time you sealed your patio? If you can’t remember or if it’s been a while, you might want to think about resealing it.
    Patching Patio
  • Freshen up the furniture. Get a bucket of warm soapy water and put some elbow grease into making sure your patio furniture is squeaky clean. Need something new, maybe a dash of color? Refurnish old furniture with a new cover, accent with a few solar lights, or add a few flowers for color and aroma.Refurnishing Patio Furniture
  • Protect against pests. Speaking of flora, when you’re looking for that splash of color, keep in mind that some plants and flowers can repel bugs. Plant lavender, lemon grass, and chrysanthemums to help be bug-free. Live in an area where you have issues with critters getting in the garbage? Invest in tightly-sealed garbage cans that have either a lock, or use bungee cords across the lid to help keep it in place.Bug-Repelling Flowers
  • Gear up your grill. Use a propane grill? It’s best to check the hose and make sure there aren’t any holes or build-up, just to be safe. Remove the grease trap (or ash area if you’re using a charcoal grill) and dispose of the collected materials. Clear your grates of leftover food bits, and then make sure you have enough fuel (propane or charcoal).Grill Cleaning

Now that everything is cleaned, planted, and ready to go, it’s time to fire up the grill and enjoy the company of those around you!

“Honor Memorial Day. Inspire to remember – and never forget.”

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