“Fall” Away From Summer Clutter

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Fall Away from Summer Clutter

We’ve all heard of the term “spring cleaning,” but what about “autumn cleaning?” Sure, spring cleaning is great for a purge of clutter after winter, but what happens to all of those things you keep around for the summer? Now that summer is on its way out and autumn is starting to set in, perhaps another cleaning spree is in order. Check out this list of things you could do to “autumn clean” your home today!

Opt for New Office Supplies

Those binders and folders that are falling apart at the seams? Chuck them. Have pencils that are worn down, or pens that don’t write as well as they used to? Get rid of them too. Schools are now back in session, and that means many office supply stores are running excellent deals on office supplies. Getting rid of the old gives you an excuse to bring in some new and perhaps mix up your style a little bit.

Office Supplies

Close Out Your Closet

Before the summer, perhaps your tried on your bathing suit and it wasn’t as fit as you had hoped. Maybe you have ragged sandals lying around. Why wait until spring to purge your wardrobe? Now is the right time to get rid of your old summer clothes, and free up space for the sweaters now that cooler weather is on the way.

Clean Closet

Air Out Your A/C

Chances are you’ve been running your A/C all summer long. Shifting into fall where you won’t be running it as much (or at all in some cases), you should consider changing your filter. This even counts as preventative maintenance because you’re saving yourself the hassle before you need to do it come next summer.

air conditioner

Toss Those Tragic Towels

If you or your family have been out swimming a lot and have used and washed your towels until they’re nothing more than pieces of fabric fraying at the ends, it might be time for a towel overhaul. Don’t just toss them in the garbage, though. Most animal shelters accept old towels ¬†for multiple purposes. By giving away, you can also give to your community!

Tragic Towels

Separate From Your Spices

Unfortunately, the onset of fall also means the departure of the grilling season, which won’t be back for another few months. Instead of holding on to those spices, it might be wise to comb through what was used just for the grilling season and what is going out of date. Think about it this way: if you get rid of the steak seasoning, you open up space for ginger for gingerbread cookies. Who doesn’t love a good gingerbread cookie?


Ditch Old Decorations

The arrival of fall also signifies that the winter holidays are knocking on our doorsteps. Before the holidays are here and now, this is a great time to sift through your decorations.


Purge Your Powder Room

Cooler weather also means cold and flu season, and that means you should probably take a look at your medicine cabinet. Consult a pharmacist on how to properly dispose of old medicine. If you’re able to toss it out, do so. While you’re checking expired medicine, you should also go through your makeup. Some things could be past their shelf life. How can you find out? Check out Huffington Post’s cheat sheet right here.


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** Tips courtesy of HuffingtonPost.com and ApartmentTherapy.com. Images courtesy of Google.com. **