Darren Welsh talks Disclosure

Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

Our June 8th radio show featured a special guest, Darren Welsh, from the Office of General Counsel at our company, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Nevada Properties.

Darren joined us to talk about the importance of complete disclosure from the seller on the Seller’s Real Property Disclosure Form during the course of a real estate transaction. State law provides for 3 times the damages to be given to the buyer in the event of a defect that is discovered as a result of non-disclosure. Darren also advised however that a buyer’s best tool for knowing the true condition of a property is by obtaining a Home Inspection from a reputable and licensed inspector.

Harvey also shared his stat of the week during Darren’s time with us in studio. According to an article posted by Vegas, Inc. Master Plan Communities are making a comeback and there is an estimated 45,000 new homes slated to be built over a few new master plans coming to the Las Vegas Valley.

Shelley was also armed and ready with her weekly fun fact we all look forward to. Today’s were no exception and was a spotlight on our special guest, Darren Welsh. One of her tidbits is that Darren has dressed as a woman!! Wait, What?!? He participated in a charity event competition for a local board of Realtors where they had to lip sync and he performed Whitney Houston’s hit I’m Every Woman!! And he DID win by the way and raised the most money. Shelley also outted Darren for his “French Exits” where he leaves an event without saying goodbye – most recently with a few co-workers when they were out at a movie and Darren went to the bathroom and never returned. What a fun guy that is also awesome at protecting our interests along with our clients. It was truly a pleasure to have him on our show.

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