Cliff Marcek Chats About District Judges

Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

Cliff Marcek of Marcek Law joined Harvey last Sunday with some riveting information for our listeners. During his appearance, Cliff took the time to discuss what all goes into running for district judge and what options Clark County voters have this year.

This year, all judges in the running for department seats will be on one ballot. In Clark County, there are 52 departments. Mathematical wise, that’s a lot of options to choose from and could be overwhelming, especially since unlike most regions across the country, Clark County departments are not determined by geography. That means Clark County voters can vote for one judge for each department. That’s certainly daunting with all of the choices!

Cliff, however, offered reassurance for voters. Half of those who are running for their respective department seats are running unopposed. For Cliff’s Department 19 seat, however, he is facing one opponent.

So how exactly does one decide who to vote for when voting for district or department judges? According to Cliff, it is an ethical issue for judges to discuss their stances on certain issues. Instead, voters must do their research on each candidate and make decisions based on their character, history, and qualifications.

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