Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

Our second guest on our July 6th show was a first timer, but you would thought that he was on the radio for a living! Chris Phillips of Phillips & Ballenger was very composed and has a great radio voice!

Chris has some ties to the show already, his beautiful wife Kari Phillips is also an expert contributor and has been on the show many times!

Chris is a partner at Phillips & Ballenger, Estate Attorneys and specializes is probate, trusts & guardianship planning and in the short time he was on the show, he gave us tons of information we can all use!

Chris talked about when someone has a will, they make think that their home, etc. will be fine and can be passed down to the beneficiary, but that is not the case however. The home will need to go through probate and the probate process can be very timely and expensive which you always want to try & avoid. Chris talked about how he recommends setting up a trust. The cost of setting up a trust is much less that dealing w/ probate.

Chris also helps w/ adult guardianship planning. This is very helpful when you are over the age of 18 and you may need assistance w/ health and/or financial guidance and being unable to make these decisions on your own. Having an adult guardian can help ease the stress when dealing w/ many situations.

We definitely look forward to having Chris back on the show and also look forward to having our listeners getting in touch w/ Chris & his firm to help with their own estate planning!

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