Chris and John Talk Rental Fraud and Property Management Services

Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

We continued the spotlight on our team here at the Brown Blankfeld Group of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Nevada Properties during our July 20th broadcast when we had Chris Lovering and John DiCarlo from our property management division in studio with us. Chris brings 18 years of property management experience while John joined the property management arena 2 years ago after 8 years in residential real estate which he still continues to do in addition to his property management services.

John spoke about the abundance of fraud in the rental market today and how important it is to use a professional RealtorĀ® to assist you in the leasing process especially because it’s free for tenants. Chris explained that her primary function in property management is to be the liaison between the tenant and the landlord and take the calls from the tenant and handle any issues that arise on behalf of the owner. John added that most of the properties we manage carry home warranty’s and when we receive calls from tenants about items needing repair, he reports those issues to the warranty company immediately and stays integrally involved throughout the process; coordinating the vendor with the tenant to ensure the repairs get done as quickly and efficiently as possible. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that’s what property management is all about!

Chris also touched on how it’s our standard practice to visit the property and talk with the owner to make sure we are getting a quality product to offer in the rental market. It is our belief that with exceptional landlords, we get quality tenants and everyone wins.

Harvey tied in his stat of the week to the rental market and reported the median rental rate in January of this year was $1,150 and in July it has remained the same at $1,150. Harvey explained what we are seeing is a little bit of bouncing but while it’s somewhat seasonal, the median rental rate is not going in any one direction at this time.

Shelley was armed and at the ready with her weekly fun fact that we all look forward to. Today she talked about housewarming traditions in 2 European countries. She shared that in Germany, those that come for housewarming bring bread, salt and wine. The bread is so you never go hungry, the salt is for good luck and the wine is so they never go thirsty. Meanwhile in Ireland, the Irish have wonderful blessings and they hang plaques and poems for housewarming. How neat to hear different culture’s traditions!!

What an awesome show with Harvey, Shelley and our property managers, Chris Lovering and John DiCarlo. Please tune in every Sunday on KDWN AM 720 at 4pm to listen to our latest show. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch this video along with all the others.