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Kudos to Our Preferred Partners

Las Vegas Home Sales.

John Ingram of New American Funding just closed a loan for a longtime client of mine in record time…. AND with a contingency on the sale of his current home AND a transfer of funds from one escrow to the other! New American funded the loan almost simultaneously once our first buyer’s loan had funded!…

The Contingency Tales

Las Vegas Home Sales.

The meaning of the word “contingent” with regard to a real estate sale has changed dramatically over the years.  Originally, when I first started selling real estate the term “contingent” was used when the house was sold “contingent on the buyer selling his existing home”.  These buyers could be “bumped”  from the transaction by a…

Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

Las Vegas Home Sales.

A lovely older couple from New York purchased a small condo last year in Las Vegas, hoping to make it their retirement home in a few years.  Meanwhile, they thought they would rent out the unit in Desert Shores to cover the costs.  They found a nice single man to be their tenant. Prior to…