Another Satisfied Customer: Superb Review from Mr. Johnson

Las Vegas Home Sales.


We love hearing feedback from our clients. We received the following email from a client that just purchased a home last month. Great job Christina & Todd!!!

Mr. Blankfeld,

I used your office and agent Christina Yeakel to recently buy a house on 6120 Ackerman Ave 89131. I wanted to pass on some information to you about my experience during that time.
When I first started my home buying journey, I found Todd Venenga. We started off very well and looked at some homes. Todd did a good job matching me up with what I was looking for. Unfortunately, Todd’s schedule was becoming full, so he had Christina Yeakel take over for him, which was fine.
Once I meet with Christina, we talked about what I was looking for in my next house. She took the time to listen to me and set the search for just what I wanted, what I feel was a bit hard. She listened to what I wanted and also shared her thoughts and gave me advice as well.
We looked at several houses all over the north side of town. Many were just not the right property, and I passed. Christina never seemed to loose hope for me that she would find the right one for me. She gladly accepted the challenge and kept searching for me. I know she spent many hours of her time looking at houses with me, and many more hours at work, looking for me as well.
She finally found me a listing to look at, and it was a great match for me. We met and we placed an offer for it. With some smooth negotiating by Christina, they finally accepted my offer on the property. Then began the process of closing and buying this home.
Christina worked with me and my lender through the entire process. She kept me updated daily if not more of what was going on. Many times issues came up, that I would be concerned about and Christina would take the time to explain them to me. Christina made herself available to me 24/7 and would always be quick to respond to any phone calls or e-mails I sent her. I quickly found out that Christina was a very knowledgeable person and she would quickly resolve any issue that came up. She made me feel like she really was working for me and my best interests! The entire process was very smooth and pretty much stress free for me.
In the future, if I need help again, you can bet I would give her a call. I will also highly recommend your office and Christina to anyone looking to buy or sell property. Thanks to your office, Todd and especially to Christina for all the help in getting me into my new home…..
Tim Johnson