5 Holiday Traditions to Start At Home

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5 Holiday Traditions to Start At Home


As the holiday season comes around again, many people begin to think about holiday traditions from years past. Some even begin to wonder if they should start new traditions. If you’re thinking about starting a new tradition, why not give one of these a try?

DIY Advent Calendars

As kids, many of us have loved getting those calendars filled with treats as we counted down to Christmas. Rather than spending money on a calendar, why not try to create your own? Check out this idea for a Christmas Bucket, or you could even expand your library with a book a day until Christmas.


The Santa Sack

Despite the name, this tradition can go for any holiday, and it isn’t just for kids. The “Santa Sack” reminds us that the holiday season is for giving. When decluttering your home to get ready for the holidays, use this sack and fill it up to donate your items. You’re cleaning your home, and also giving to those who might not have. What a great tradition!


Pre-Holiday Surprise Box

The build-up to the holidays can be too much to bear, even for an adult. That’s where this tradition comes in. Before the holiday, allow each person in the household to open the Pre-Holiday Surprise Box. What’s inside? It varies! Some people choose to put in a new pair of snuggly pajamas (if you want a tradition within a tradition, get everyone a matching set), a book, a movie, or even some snacks like hot cocoa and popcorn! It is a cute idea, and gets the holiday itch soothed until the next morning!




A great tradition to start is to volunteer your time. Give back during the holiday season. Volunteer to visit an assisted living facility, or spend time at a soup kitchen. It doesn’t have to be the same thing every year. You can have a member of the family pick a charity each year and volunteer there.


Reminisce Over The Years Past

This is a tradition for any holiday. Gather your loved ones around the fireplace (and/or Christmas Tree) and reminisce over the year that just passed and perhaps even the years before as well. You can even do so while drinking a holiday favorite: eggnog! We have just the recipe for you, from MexicanMadeMeatless.com!


Have you started any new family traditions? Maybe you have a favorite? Please let us know! WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Leave us a comment!

** Traditions taken from Babble.com. Images courtesy of Google.com **