Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

Las Vegas Home Sales.

A lovely older couple from New York purchased a small condo last year in Las Vegas, hoping to make it their retirement home in a few years.  Meanwhile, they thought they would rent out the unit in Desert Shores to cover the costs.  They found a nice single man to be their tenant.

Prior to the purchase, they were told by their agent about the association fees.  There are two associations-  the condo complex and the master plan and the agent told them the amount.  They closed on the property and paid the bills regarding the condo that came to the house in New York.

On their visit the following year at Easter time, their tenant called to give his notice.  He stated that, “By the way, they posted a foreclosure notice on your door from the association”.  The couple was confused.  They pay the $228 per month fee on time- what could this be?  They called their agent to investigate.

They were reminded of the two associations and when the agent checked the public record, he saw their mailing address was the property address, not the correct one in New York.  OY VEY!!!  Upon contacting the association, they were sent to a collection agency.  They were told registered letters for them were sent to the property here. (Nice tenant???  He never gave them their mail even though they have a representative here who manages the property!!)  The amount now owed by the nice couple for the delinquent $30 per month for 12 months- $2800!!!!!!

Whose fault is this??  The title company for mishandling the paperwork and address???  The county recorder for mishandling the mailing address????  The couple for not knowing they should receive two bills????  The tenant for not passing on the mail?????   Sadly, the only one responsible is the owner who is paying an exorbitant amount because Nevada allows associations to do this.  Another pleasant experience enjoyed by a Las Vegas buyer!!!!!