Step Up To The Plate

Personal Development.

I confess that I did something very bold. I do not know what possessed me to dig myself out of my safe and very innocuous shell and let the cyber world know my inner feelings. Was it a moment of weakness, coupled with a smatter of poor judgment that resulted in this self-revelation, leaving me vulnerable to the world. Or was it a level of frustration that finally spilled over my inner walls of constraint, pouring out in word and thought that were not recoverable, once this barrier was purged.

I promise to tell you about my daring step if you promise not to snicker the next time you see me! It had been a “long time coming”; I did not see the early signs, they were there. Maybe if I had heeded these warnings, things would be much different today. My feelings were like a festering pot but visible only to me; until finally I could not take it anymore. I had to share these thoughts unless I was to implode internally and choke on my rising convictions. Here it is, the revelation that still astounds me today. I broke my cardinal rule of never forwarding and adding comment to an email that supported a position. Whew! Now that I have shared this with you, I feel the relief that only a disclosure of this magnitude can bring.

All levity aside, I did step out recently and share a political position via email. I felt strongly about an issue and shared these thoughts to a select group of friends and associates. It is true that I have been reluctant to state a position to anyone outside of my immediate family, but I knew that I had to go beyond the comfort of this inner circle that continues to be supportive of all I do. I believe that times have changed so much that we can no longer be complacent and condone that which we believe strongly offends the best judgment we have developed over the years. I believe that I have grown from this very minor expression, which was amplified by the support and encouragement that was received from my audience. I encourage all of you to step up to the plate and share with others those thoughts or positions that have impassioned you and need to be told.