Sandra Jauregui Talks Home Again – Nevada’s Housing Relief Program

Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

Our June 29th show featured a very special guest for our remaining two segments. Sandra Jauregui, Program Director for Home Again, shared invaluable information with our listeners and we were so thrilled to have her with us. Sandra is also the Director of Community Partnerships for FGC (Financial Guidance Center) which is the non-profit that administers Home Again which is the Nevada Attorney General’s housing relief program.

Home Again is Nevada’s homeowner relief program that helps current homeowner’s stay in their home, helps those looking to become homeowners and also helps individuals improve their credit. It is a completely free and valid resource to help struggling homeowner’s and those seeking homeownership to turn to for tools and resources that will help them achieve their homeownership goals. The funds received to implement this program came from the national mortgage settlement which was an unprecedented settlement where our state’s Attorney General together with 48 others sued the 5 largest banks that they felt were not having favorable business practices. It was a $25 BILLION dollar settlement where our Attorney General secured an additional $87 million dollars for our state and was one of the few Attorney Generals who used the funds as they were intended to be used which is to help Nevadans with housing issues. The resources that Home Again provides is:

* Education –

* Down Payment Assistance – for first time buyers or those that haven’t owned a home in last 3 years

* Home Retention Services – loan modifications and payment plans

For more information on Home Again, you can find them on the web at or on Facebook or Twitter.

Harvey wrapped up our show with his weekly statistics. Harvey cited three key factors affecting demand for housing:

1. Population Growth

2. Employment Growth

3. Taxable Sales Growth

The great news is that all 3 indicators are up and up significantly since 2008. Population Growth is at 2%, Employment Growth is at 3% and Taxable Sales Growth is at 5%. Another statistic Harvey shared was Clark County’s private business growth – in 2012 we grew by 1,261 businesses, in 2013 we grew by 1,540 businesses. All positives signs things are coming back!!!

What a wonderful show we had with very useful and helpful information for our listeners.

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