Rick Saxen talks Homeowner’s Insurance Basics

Las Vegas Real Estate Radio Show.

Rick Saxen was back with us again for another segment on our June 8th broadcast. During this show, Rick outlined what information is required to get insurance in place at your property. Items he needs includes:

1. Your date of birth

2. Marital Status

3. Social Security Number to pull credit

4. Property location including square footage to calculate replacement cost

Rick also informed us that often times the replacement cost is higher than the purchase price of the home especially in today’s market where it costs more to build than it did to buy the home in first place. He also explained how important it is to change the insurance policy if the home’s use is changed to a rental property or second home because there are different coverage’s and rates for the different types of policies. Another thing to consider is an umbrella policy if you need coverage and protection in excess of the individual policies. Be sure to do your home work and make sure you are well protected with a qualified professional like Rick for all your insurance needs.

It’s always a good time with great information when Rick Saxen joins us in studio and we love having him as one of our Expert Contributors.

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