Review Raves About Brown Blankfeld Group!

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Our own Teri Maloney just received this fantastic review from one of her clients! See what they had to say below:

We LOVE Teri! We utilized Teri and her company for the purchase and sell of our home. She did an amazing job when we were house hunting. She was always available and answered all of our many many questions. Teri took the time to go over any and everything during the home buying process, so it was an easy pick when it came time to selling our home. We called Teri immediately and she came over as soon as possible. She utilized professionals for everything that had to be done (minor repairs, photography, etc.) and our home sold in three days. (Would have sold day one, but we waited a couple days to review all offers.) Her guidance and expertise was exactly what we needed and we highly recommend her to everyone!”

Thank you so much for the kind words. Way to go, Teri!