RERNLV Is Cooking Up A New Show for You in TWO HOURS!

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Harvey and his guests are cooking up a brand new RERNLV for you folks coming up at 11 AM! This week, he’s joined by Equity Title of Nevada’s Tracy Ruccia and RateWise Mortgage’s Kari Phillips.

Tracy takes the mic first. She uses this week’s appearance as a chance to cover water easements again. As part of a water conservation movement, the water district is offering money to homeowners who remove their lawns and opt for desert landscaping. What happens when you go to sell that home and the buyers want to put in a pool? Is there a penalty? Who’s responsible? Get all the details on the water easement from Tracy right here!

Next is Kari’s turn. She’s chock full of information for you today! Is a home inspection required to get a mortgage? What about termite or septic inspections? She also covers appraisals, and 442/final inspections. What exactly is a 442? Are there ways to avoid it? Kari has the low-down on these lending questions and more!

Then, Harvey has some Headlines vs. Reality for you folks. This time, they’re coming from a Las Vegas Sun article (found here). Is Las Vegas creating a new housing bubble? Harvey gives you the details here! He also has his Realty Realities on deck. You won’t want to miss what we’re serving up right here!

As always, please be sure to tune in each and EVERY Saturday at 11 AM to RERNLV on AM720 KDWN.