RERNLV Airs With Jam-Packed Crew in TWO HOURS!

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Blake Johnson of the Law Offices of Kurt A Johnson is welcomed on air to RERNLV     We have a jam-packed RERNLV

We are full to the brim this week on an all new RERNLV! We have Blake Johnson from The Law Offices of Kurt A. Johnson joining us. Darren Welsh from Berkshire Hathaway and Jason “J” Johnson from Absolute Flood Response and AFR Construction join us as well.. First, Blake is up to discuss the difference between a will and a trust. He’s also discussing why estate planning is crucial. Then, Darren Welsh is in the spotlight to discuss the seller’s real property disclosure, water damage, and just what you have to disclose. J Johnson is a new guest on the show. During his appearance, he’s chatting about water/sewer damage and how to properly take care of it. It’s the time of the month as well for Harvey’s Monthly Market Update, and he has an interesting headline in store for his Headlines vs. Reality. Make sure your radio dial is tuned to AM720 KDWN at 11 AM to catch the show!

As always, please be sure to tune in each and EVERY Saturday at 11 AM to RERNLV on AM720 KDWN.