Ramblings on Labor Day

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Ramblings on Labor Day

I am writing this month’s newsletter on Labor Day.  On this day that recognizes those who “labor”, I am taking a few moments out of my busy schedule to be a little creative and focus on something reflective.

This holiday has always been the most confusing to me.  I believe it does not have the clear purpose for celebration that other major holidays have.  You may disagree, depending on your perspective.  When I was growing up, I remember that this was the holiday that I looked forward to the least.  To be honest, I did not look forward to it at all. It meant the end of summer vacation and back to school!

As a recently popular commercial on television made famous, “I digress”.  I started to support my premise that this holiday is somewhat lost.  It is intended to honor all those who labor in any walk of life; it should be a day off from laboring.

If you are a member of a labor union, this day celebrates the advent of unions and all that unions stand for and support to this day.  According to the Department of Labor Web site, it constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well being of our country.  The first Labor Day holiday was September 5, 1882.

If you are a business owner, you consider this day is for those that are under your employ.  You may even look at this holiday as any other day, as most small businesses, particularly those in the retail and food sector, are open today.

Too many people wish they were working today but find themselves unemployed, unable to find gainful employment in this difficult economy.  My heart goes out to them.

If you are like me in a service industry, particularly real estate, this day may be one of your busiest and you celebrate to yourself that you have many good clients that allow you to stay in business.  For that, I am thankful.

Whatever our circumstances, Labor Day is a day to picnic, BBQ that last wonderful hamburger or hotdog, share the day with family and friends, rest, relax, and celebrate all that we have on this last holiday of the waning days of summer………and, rejoice in the fact that football season kicks off next week.