Property Management Services and Las Vegas Rentals

After many years of requests from our clients we have decided to offer Property Management Services on apartments and houses for rent in Las Vegas. It is our goal to offer the same high level of service in our Property Management as we have for the past 20 plus years in Real Estate Sales. We hold our landlords to a high standard so we can hold our tenants to a high standard!  As with any business we conduct, you can be certain that you will be getting the full support of our entire highly experienced realtor team.

Property Management

Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Collection of rent & security deposit
  • Handling of maintenance
  • Management of income and expenses through our trust account
  • Monthly report of P&L (Sample Report)
  • Budgeting support
  • On Line access for landlord and for tenant
  • Property Inspections every 6 months or periodic maintenance visits
  • Sample Pm Agreement

Leasing and Rental Services

Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Property evaluation
  • Check out of current tenant
  • Initial Punch List
  • Photos For Marketing
  • Listing the property in MLS
  • Advertising the property
  • Handling the applications
  • Investigating the prospective tenant
  • Writing and presenting the lease
  • Move in/ Walk Through

The housing crash hit Las Vegas hard, with many finding that they owed more on their mortgage than it was worth. Since that time, prospective new home owners have also faced a much tougher time getting a home loan and although housing prices have become much more reasonable recently, they are still out of reach for many. Therefore, it’s no surprise to more and more houses for rent Las Vegas are presenting themselves as an affordable alternative to home ownership. Numerous studies have shown how many families have chosen to rent, rather than buy, and Las Vegas is no exception to this trend.

If you thought that homes for rent in Vegas were restricted to cramped duplexes or pricey high rise condos, then think again. There are plenty of deluxe multi-bedroom homes, complete with amenities such as a swimming pools, that are available for affordable rental rates. While we at Brown Blankfeld specialize in helping homeowners find their perfect fit and dream home, we also manage a swathe of rental properties and are more than willing to help our clients find their ideal rental unit.

Besides their obvious lower costs, houses for rent in Las Vegas offer numerous other advantages to their tenants. For starters, unlike a mortgage, it’s fairly easy to pick up and leave if you so desire. Other advantages of renting include the far lower maintenance costs, where the landlord will take care of any serious repairs. Either way, for plenty of people in Las Vegas, availing themselves of houses for rent Las Vegas does make sense and at Brown Blankfeld we can be your go to source for all your rental properties.

Contact us in-order to get suitable houses for rent and homes for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada. For further assistance please contact us at 702-315-7591, we are always here to assist your needs.