Modern Conveniences May Not Be So Convenient

Las Vegas Home Sales.

In real estate, we have come to rely on our computers and our cell phones to facilitate our business and respond quickly to our buyers and sellers.  Sometimes, they let us down and we are lost!!  Last week, an agent wanted to show one of my listings without a lockbox.  It is in a highrise so we need gate clearance and access through the concierge to lead the agent to the right elevator.  The agent called about 1 1/2 hours before she wanted in.  My phone did NOT ring when she called.  I got a voice mail message about 40 minutes after she called.  I can’t tell you if it is my cell phone or my carrier.  Once I got the message,  I called the seller who said “sure”.  I called the agent back and got her voice mail.  I left a message that she could show the house at 1 PM, just like she requested.

At about 2 PM, I called again and she answered the phone.  I asked her how the showing went and she said she did not show it and had dropped her clients off back at the hotel already.  She said she never got my message.  I assume she got it later- much, much later!!!!!

In the good old days, we made appointments the day before.  We left messages at an office with a live receptionist who paged the message out.  The person then called us back to confirm.  Maybe it was easier then?

I hope clients understand that sometimes we cannot respond as quickly as they would like.  If we don’t call back, maybe we didn’t get the message.  Let’s all try to call again and be forgiving when technology lets us down.  By the way, my seller was very understanding.  He raced around picking up his house and no one showed but it was ok….. he’s a nice guy!