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Another member of the Brown Blankfeld Group, David Blankfeld was born and raised in the Washington D.C. area.  David raised his family of two sons and one daughter with his wife, Audrey, in that area. Times with the kids were full of practical jokes and good humor as David and Audrey both love a big laugh.

David’s previous career was in the credit industry which earned him many accolades and awards. His jobs encompassed credit management for department stores, furniture stores, and jewelry as well as collections for finance companies. He was involved in several professional credit organizations and served as President of the Credit Executives Association of Richmond, Virginia and President of the International Credit Association of District #12 which covered 5 states and the District of Columbia. He was also on the Board of Directors of the International Credit Association of the United States.

David was also a citizen ambassador to China in a program under President Eisenhower to teach credit management to Chinese banks and universities. David has been published in credit publications, appeared on radio and television, and taught in community college.

In December of 1999, David and Audrey moved to Las Vegas to be near their son, Harvey.  After retiring from his last job at an air conditioning and heating supply company in Las Vegas, David thought he could kick back and relax. He and Audrey moved to Sun City Aliante where they are active with friends and neighbors.

In 2008 he joined the Brown Blankfeld Group as an administrative assistant. This has allowed him to interact more with professionals and, more importantly, gets him out of Audrey’s hair! He is involved in much of the marketing pieces that go out as well as working as the team courier.

In addition, David volunteers at the VA Hospital as he is a veteran and understands the importance of our veterans seeing a person with a smile on his face.

David and Audrey have been married over 50 years and have traveled most of the world. They enjoy cruising tremendously and can always tell you when the next vacation is coming up. David is a 60 year Washington Redskins fan which is a bit of a conflict with Harvey’s passion for the Baltimore Ravens but they have managed to work it out! David also has four fabulous grandchildren of whom he is extremely proud.

The Brown Blankfeld Group is lucky to have Dave as an integral part of the team. It’s always a pleasure to see him in the office…especially when he is giving Harvey a bad time! Lots of fun for us all!